Our goal is to enhance the sense of community and pride in supporting who, where we are, and how we all can make this community grow.



In giving time or funds to recreation, we offer the opportunity to volunteer and provide physical and mental wellness in and around our community. We grow.

This non-profit foundation will assist in growing our community. We will work with all of the businesses, civic groups, other foundations, and the schools on community service projects with fulfilling service hours, supporting already existing events, and fundraising and completing projects that fulfill our mission.


We reinstated the foundation that was originally started by Jo Ann Mignon, Lindy Bergund, Renee Bonick, the late James McGrath, and the late Heather Gruett. They had a mission to support activities that advance recreational sports and wellness in the City of Brillion and surrounding communities. We are expanding on this idea “seed” to not only support recreation, fitness, and physical wellness, but to include volunteerism and mental wellness as well.


Renee Bonick, President

Ryan Hale, Vice President

Sarah Pielhop, Treasurer

Sarah Pielhop, Secretary

Jessica Wenzel

Megan Jacques

Kelly Heimke

Peter Kittel

Dulcie Bosi-Schmidt